Forthcoming Publication: August 2016

Characters On The Couch: Exploring Psychology through Literature and Film


Our favorite fictional characters from books and movies often display an impressive and wide range of psychological attributes, both positive and negative. We admire their resilience, courage, humanity, or justice, and we are intrigued by other characters who show signs of personality disorders and mental illness — psychopathy, narcissism, antisocial personality, paranoia, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, among many other conditions. This book examines the psychological attributes and motivations of 100 fascinating characters that include examples of both accurate and misleading depictions of psychological traits and conditions, enabling readers to distinguish realistic from inaccurate depictions of human behavior.


  • Provides an engaging and entertaining way to learn about both positive psychology and mental health issues through the behavior of interesting and often familiar characters, leading to a better understanding of human behavior.

2 thoughts on “Forthcoming Publication: August 2016

  1. Dear Dean,

    I am very interested in your forthcoming book,Characters on the Couch: Exploring Psychology through Literature and Film.

    As I am doing related research, I have submitted proposal a manuscript to ABC-CLIO/Greenwood on mental illness and 21st century young adult literature, aimed at high school teachers and college English Educators who work with them (which is my own focus as a Professor of English-Secondary Education at Northern Michigan University).

    I am wondering with which editor you are working at ABC-Clio/Greenwood and whether you have any advice for me regarding the publishing process with that particular editor or with ABC-Clio/Greenwood in general.

    Thank you for your help. I’m looking forward to reading your book next month!

    Best wishes,

    Kia Jane Richmond, Ph.D.
    Professor of English and Director, English Education Program
    Northern Michigan University
    Marquette, Michigan

  2. Dean,
    By using your amazing book as a mentor text, and thanks in part to your encouraging email, I am proud to say that my new book, Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature: Exploring Real Struggles through Fictional Characters, was published in January 2019!

    I’ve been encouraging those interested in examining psychological issues in literature to purchase your book as well as mine; the two texts work well together. 🙂

    Thank you for the inspiration and support!
    Kia Jane Richmond, Ph.D

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