Tyrannical Minds: Narcissism, Personality, and Dictatorship

An incisive examination into the pairing of psychology and situations that creates despotic leaders from the author of Murderous Minds.

Not everyone can become a tyrant. It requires a particular confluence of events to gain absolute control over entire nations.

Tyrannical Minds reveals how recognizing their psychological traits can provide insight into the motivations and actions of dangerous leaders, potentially allow us to predict their behavior―and even how to stop them. As strongmen and authoritarian leaders around the world increase in number, understanding the most extreme examples of tyrannical behavior should serve as a warning to anyone indifferent to the threats posed by political extremism.

“A timely, ambitious volume.” - The Washington Post

“An interesting and fluent analysis of the president.” - New York Times

“Haycock’s writing is clear and permeated with insight. A thoughtful and significant contribution to the art of psychologically profiling political leaders from afar.” - Publishers Weekly

“A compelling analysis of the mental processes of notable tyrants.” - Kirkus Reviews

“It is a volume of monumental importance that should be required reading for every citizen and beyond.” - Bandy X. Lee, M.D., MDiv., Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine

“A compelling read.” - Dr. Farid Holadouee, Clinical psychologist, host of "In Session with Dr. Farid"

“A very useful contribution to the current mise en scene.” - Daniel Feinberg, M.D. (Ret.), Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

“Some books reward you with a deeper understanding of the world and of the people who threaten that world. Tyrannical Minds is one of them.” - Charles C. Ouimet, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, and Faculty Scholar in Neuroscience, The Florida State University College of Medicine


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